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Our Mission

To foster awareness and appreciation of nature through education, observation and experience.

To promote the protection and conservation of the environment through community activities.

What We Do

We provide educational opportunities and foster awareness of nature, particularly the flora and fauna, as well as earth sciences and astronomy.

We lead and facilitate field trips to learn and experience nature. We promote the protection of nature, biological diversity and sustainability within North Durham.

We carry out projects in co-operation with other community groups, to conserve and protect the environment within North Durham.

NDN is a member
of Ontario Nature Organization


NDN Events-Fall  2019

Event Director  -  email James at

Please Note:  In light of the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID 19), a number of talks have been postponed and hikes cancelled to ensure the safety of our members and others in the community.  We will update our site regularly to inform you of changes as they develop.  
Sharing your love of Nature during this period of social isolation:

Check out our Facebook group Wildflowers of North Durham. Please request to join.

Post photos or comments of your nature sightings on our North Durham Nature Facebook page.  We have a members only group on the Facebook page.  Please request to join if you would like the option of having only members see your posts.

Nature Nuggets:

Test your knowledge with one of our Nature Nugget slide presentations! Just click on one of the underlined links below.


Tree Bark

Pollinator Gardens

Teacher Resources for outdoor activities:

Learning for a Sustainable Future

Forests Ontario

Ontario Nature Nature Connections

Ontario Nature Blog

Talks - 2020

 4th Tuesday night at 7 pm

Three locations, either :

Uxbridge - 75 Marietta , Uxbridge Seniors Centre

Port Perry - 231 Water Street , Scugog Memorial Library 

Sunderland - 20 Park St, Sunderland, Sunderland Brock Memorial Arena

bring a mug to enjoy a coffee or tea

Please check site closer to the talk date for more details.

Visit our new North Durham Nature YouTube Channel to view webinar recordings. 

*New Date*November 24th, 2020 - “Asian Carp"Andrew Reeves - Webinar

Four species of Carp native to Asia have been introduced into the southeastern U.S. and are wreaking havoc as they overwhelm and alter aquatic ecosystems.  They are likely to invade southern Ontario in the next few years thereby changing our waterways forever.  Andrew will tell the story of these fish, how they got here and what it means.  Please contact Cara Gregory at for to register for this webinar.  Andrew Reeves is an author and geographer who has recently published "Overun: Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis", a bestseller which examines the history and impact of the four carp species in North America.

Walks - 2020

*** Please check back closer to each date for more detail ***
Please Note:  In light of the current social distancing requirements set out by the Provincial Government to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), our hikes have been cancelled to ensure the safety of our members and others in the community.  Members will be notified of changes through e-mail as they develop.  

Special Events 2020

Saturday, April 4th, 2020 - Backyard Birds with Chris Earley presented by Blue Heron Books and NDN. - Rescheduled to Spring 2021 - tickets already purchased will be honoured at the rescheduled event

Join interpretive biologist and bird expert Chris Earley for a walk, talk and book signing in Uxbridge.  Please click on the above underlined link for more details.  Address for Herrema Soccer Fields:  85 Herrema Blvd, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1W6

June/July, 2020 - Butterfly Count Results

Oshawa (Sunday, June 28) - Results (click on underlined link to view results)

13 participants formed 7 parties to count all butterflies encountered.  Thank you to all participants.

We had a total of 41 species and 2246 individuals. 

Sunderland (Sunday, July 5) - Results (click on underlined link to view results)

Thank you so much for all participants who contributed on this exceptionally hot day.  Could not have done it without you.

The real highlight of the count was an Atlantis Fritillary found and photographed by Rayfield Pye.  Not only was it a new species for the Sunderland Count, but it had not been previously recorded in Durham Region.  Record high numbers of Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Silver-spotted Skippers turned up. 

Butterfly Guides for sale!  "A Pocket Guide to Butterflies of Southern and Eastern Ontario (and Southwestern Quebec)" by Rick Cavasin are available for purchase from NDN for $14.  Please e-mail NDN's Treasurer Kim Adams at to pay through e-transfer, and to arrange pick-up/drop off of the guide.  A portion of the proceeds goes to support NDN.

Special Events 2019 - Christmas Bird Counts
The National Audubon count started 118 years ago!  Here in North Durham there are two counts:

15th Annual Uxbridge Bird Count Results - December 27th, 2019

44 species 5157 individual birds 

24% of birds seen were starlings 

Fog and limited open water reduced numbers

Swamp sparrow unusual .  Details on attached links 

Bird List

Beaverton Bird Count - December 30th, 2019

Bird List
Official Bird Studies Canada Posting

Each count has two methods of counting – the Feeder Count, in the comfort of your home, and the Field Count, a drive around with walks to find the birds. Each count has a particular circle which is divided up into areas to spread out the counters and reduce duplication.  It’s a full day affair, usually with a pot luck dinner and wrap up for field watchers at the end.  Christmas Bird Count circle areas can be seen online at the Bird Studies Canada website:  

Club Fees

Events are free to members and open to the public, unless specified as a "Members Only Event".

Membership in North Durham Nature is $25 for singles, $40 for families for calendar year.  All members receive a quarterly newsletter and priority email of events coming up plus more. Fees cover insurance, room bookings and incidentals. We are non-profit members of Ontario Nature. Join!

A $5.00 donation is appreciated from non-members attending our monthly talks to cover refreshments, insurance, rental and speakers  

For more information, please e-mail Cara at - please note $10 fee for new members for 2021 due to pandemic

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NDN Projects

Nature Interpretive Signs - Nonquon Environmental Education Centre - 2019

Volunteers from both North Durham Nature and Friends of Nonquon worked together to create and install interpretive signs at the David Carroll Classroom site (1710 Scugog Line 10, Greenbank).  Port Perry Sign Shop produced, printed and delivered the signs, and volunteers installed them.  Signs were paid for with NDN donations and a donation from the Retired Teachers of Ontario.  Please see our "Special Events" section for the official sign unveiling date.  A special thanks to all who were involved in the creation of these signs, and to the Durham District School Board's contribution.  They refurbished the KIOSK that the signs were installed on, and will be covering them with a protective layer of plexiglass to prolong the life of the signs.  These signs will be enjoyed by visiting staff and students, and the local community, giving them an opportunity to learn about this valuable local wetland and its wild inhabitants.  

Plans are in the works for the creation of another set of signs on the Kiosk at the Pheasant Pen Classroom site (19745 Old Simcoe Road, Greenbank), with an added focus on local Indigenous history.  Fundraising for these signs has already begun with a funding application letter having been submitted to the Scugog Environmental Advisory Committee.

Lafarge - Regan Pit (7th concession) Bird Boxes

NDN has been monitoring and cleaning out 50 metal design bird houses in the gravel pit for six years. The initial three years were part of a contract with Lafarge who were starting to restore the pit to a more natural state. Since then the pit has been used as a temporary gravel storage area and further restoration seems to be in limbo. 

In 2014-2016  we recommended and located the bird houses in the pit. The club selected Paul Rothfels "Mouse Proof" bird box design after recommendations from neighbours on the 7th concession. The design benefits of reducing predation without the extra costs of a baffle plus the willingness of Lafarge to pay for a secure pole system were factors in choosing the design.

In the first year 52% of the boxes were occupied and all successfully produced eggs and young.  The Tree Swallow occupied most of the boxes, six boxes raised Eastern Bluebirds, and one raised a Black -capped Chickadee. There were no House Wrens, sparrows, mice or other vertebrates in any boxes.

In year two 71% of the boxes were active and a slight increase was observed in target species, allthough House wrens arrived in late summer in a couple of boxes.

In year three  81% of the boxes  were occupied by 29 Tree swallow, 9 Eastern Bluebird, and I Black capped Chickadee families producing over a 100 fledged young. Over the six years over 600 swallows, 150 bluebirds, 15 chickadees and 30 wrens have fledged. This is a huge success. Considering the concern over population declines in aerial insectivores our boxes have certainly helped the Tree swallow populations.  A first detailed report was available  in the April 2017 club newsletter and a 2019 update in this falls newsletter is planned.

Since 2016 we have had limited involvement with Lafarge although we continue to provide them with annual reports and indicate whenever we enter or leave the site.

The nest occupancy rate went up to 83% in 2019.  This last year we estimate that 29 bluebirds, 123 tree swallows and over 7 wrens were fledged.  During the six years over 600 swallows, 150 bluebirds, 15 chickadees and 30 wrens have fledged.

Many thanks to all the volunteers including John and Lee Fisher and David and Liz Taylor . Anyone wishing to see the site and assist in monitoring the bird houses let me know . Derek Connelly

Letter to Lafarge to renew bird box monitoring contract
NDN helps Paul's Vision

Paul Rothfels passed away suddenly in Feb 2017 . In Memory of Paul Rothfels a Gathering was held on March 4, 2017 at the Udora Hall from 2 - 4.  Click on My tribute to Paul and the OBIT

Margaret Almack  passed on Paul's Bird box gig and materials to Keith Stait Gardner who offered his heated workshop to the Nature club to assemble Paul's bird houses to support the club. In 2017 we built and sold 45 boxes and this year another 26 were completed. We have now used up all the supplies Paul left and the next step becomes more difficult. Fortunately Margaret has decided she would like her family to get involved in purchasing materials and carry on Paul's work. NDN will continue to support Paul's vision of a safe home for cavity nesting birds like the Eastern bluebird. 

If you are interested in assisting in anyway contact NDN. 

Uxbridge Countryside Preserve- Bird Houses - 11 years of monitoring !

NDN took over from the Uxbridge Birders who had been monitoring and repairing the bird boxes first placed in the Preserve in 2008 by the Scouts. The number of boxes was reduced to 26 from 45 in 2014 to improve success. Changes in habitat caused by the invasion of Scot Pine and other plants had slowly reduced the meadow habitat which is important for swallows and bluebirds.  A Scot Pine thinning program is now in place on an annual basis to counter the succession of the forest into the meadow. The  box system is not predator proof and was  modified with the help of the Uxbridge Scouts in 2015. Juice cans and plastic pipe along with an additional front was added to some boxes over the entrance  to act as a predator deterrent.   Tree Swallows accepted the change however Bluebirds have not used these boxes.   It is believed the Preserve can only support four Eastern Bluebird nests in any year because of the reduced meadow habitat.   Tree Swallows however are still increasing  and the reduction in boxes available appears to have lowered the House Wren population and competition. Four additional boxes were added donated by NDN using the "Mouse Proof " model.  Intensive monitoring continues by six volunteer Uxbridge resident familes ( BIrd Box Buddies)  resulting in more accurate data. Thanks are extended to the Bird Box Buddies who put in many hours monitoring the boxes over the summer and the Township of Uxbridge for their support.  We are always looking for landlords? If you walk the Preserve regularly in the summer and would like to be involved contact Derek - 905-852-5432 or

2019 Bird House Results at UCP

Uxbridge Countryside Preserve Canada 150 Species Count

- Follow the underlined link to read all about it over 180 sp countedCanada150 Species Challenge Met!

List of Plant Species 2017

List of Animal Species 2017

We are always looking for additions to our list contact us to help out.

Ontario Nature Youth Summit for Biodiversity and Environmental Leadership

Each year we put aside money to sponsor two North Durham high school students for a September weekend at the Ontario Nature Youth Summit at the YMCA Geneva Park near Orillia, along Lake Couchiching.  Students participate in a number of different interactive workshops and activities aimed at helping them to be effective leaders in advocating for nature and the environment.   You can read about their experiences in the club newsletter. Interested students should contact us or click on Ontario Nature to find out more. If you are or know of interested teens, please contact us.

Thank you letter from NDN sponsored student - 2019 (Laura)

Thank you letter from NDN sponsored student - 2019 (Sam)

Thank you letter from NDN sponsored student - 2018

Late May - The  Great Canadian Bird-a-thon

North Durham Nature's Geoff Carpentier  participates yearly in this charity birding event. The James Baillie Bird-a-thon changed its name to Great Canadian Bird-a-thon, but it's still about counting birds for conservation.  

If you would like more information or to sponsor Geoff for the 2020 Birdathon please click on the underlined link above or go to  

Thanks to everyone's generous donations, Geoff raises $1000's  each year to help fund projects to protect birds and their habitats.  25% of the money raised helps fund North Durham Nature's nature-based projects.  Donations are tax deductable!

Bird-a-thon Results 2019 -  Please Refer to the NDN July 2019 Newsletter (Vol. 6, No.3)

Conservation Action 

(click on underlined text to open link)

Letter to LSRCA regarding trimming of trails in the Beaver River Wetland

Letter to Uxbridge Mayor re: Miller Application on Aggregate Pit Boyington#3

Letter to the Mayor Feb. 21, 2020

This letter was also sent to the MPP and MP for Pickering-Uxbridge, the Regional Councillor, Uxbridge Ward 1 Councillor, and Green Durham.

Conservation Authorities Survey - deadline to respond to the survey is March 13, 2020.

From Ontario Nature:

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks is consulting on the mandate of conservation authorities (CAs) and has posted a survey on ( This survey is following up on public sessions where developers and others have been urging the government to remove CAs from the planning process and limit their mandate and scope. 

It is critical that we resist this trend towards environmental deregulation in Ontario and stand up for the important work of CAs. While you may not agree with every decision or action taken by individual CAs over the years, we encourage you to voice strong support for the role of CAs overall in:

 - land use planning and permitting to protect biodiversity and enhance climate resilience;

- monitoring programs and research that underpin flood mitigation, source water protection, climate action, biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration;

- delivering community projects in partnership with municipalities and local organizations;

- delivering watershed-scale approaches to monitoring, decision-making, stewardship, outreach and education.

 Attached are some suggestions for responding, though it is important to include your own stories and perspectives.

Conservation Ontario has posted a backgrounder and their presentation from the meetings. Those resources can be found here:

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s an opinion editorial worth reading on the need for CAs

Thanks for your attention and support on this important issue.

Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) Submissions 2019

We signed our club’s name to letters written and submitted to the Environmental Registry of Ontario by Ontario Nature regarding:

Bill 66: Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act

Changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) 

Proposed Amendments to the Rondeau Provincial Park Management Plan

Many of our members attended protests opposing Bill 66, and placed signs on their lawns.  Success was achieved in regards to this Act, as the government decided to remove Schedule 10 from Bill 66, based on comments submitted to the government by several environmental and nature organizations and concerned Ontario citizens.

Protected Places Campaign

NDN added its signature to Ontario Nature's Protected Places Campaign.  You can show your individual support as well by signing the declaration (click on underlined text)

Review of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993

Group Letter to Premier

Summary of Recommendations for Reform

Proposed Regional Natural Heritage System for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (EBR 013-1014)
Spring Wildflower Planting in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve

NDN assisted the Uxbridge Scouts in a Prairie grass and forbs planting May 13th  in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve. 300 native plant plugs including eight wildflowers and five grasses were planted in a 10 x 25 m rototilled plot. These plants will enhance the field with food and habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other meadow wildlife. As these plants are challenged and compete with others its encouraging to see them each year. contact Derek Connelly if you would like a tour. 


NDN adds its signature to Ontario Nature's call to ban hunting of Snapping Turtles in Ontario  and we were successful ! Now we need to figure out how to reduce road mortality.

Coming up each Fall in November 

Volunteers wanted for Scot Pine ( invasive) thinning in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve to keep the meadows open. 

Contact Derek for more info

Feral Cats

A request was made to Uxbridge council to change the cat bylaw giving more freedom to cats.  As many of us know cats are major predators to birds and other native species. We apposed the change. Read our letter linked here. Feral Cats



 Community Nature Related Events

  (underlined text links to details)

September 25th, 2020 - Scugog Climate Action Now

One year ago this month, seven million people around the world – 200 of them in Port Perry – took to the streets to march for climate action.It was part of the Fridays for Future global movement. A local group called Scugog Climate Action Now (ScugogCAN), is inviting North Durham Nature Members and the public to join them on September 25, 12:00 noon in Palmar Park, Port Perry. We need to send a message that climate is still the burning issue of our time, and needs urgent attention and action. This year we will wear masks and physical distance, but our message will be clear - we want to build back better, healing us, our air, our water and the natural world we depend on in a fair and equitable way.  Check out 'scugogcan' on Instagram. Hope to see you there! 

Ducks Unlimited Canada Nest Box Program

Ducks Unlimited Canada is currently looking for project sites that will help provide habitat for cavity nesters like wood ducks and Goldeneye. If you have a wetland on your property larger than a couple of acres, and would like to provide habitat for ducks and other wildlife (like tree swallows and screech owls), then this program is meant for you!  Landowners are responsible for installing, maintaining and monitoring the nest boxes, but DUC provides the nest boxes and technical advice to landowners. Nest boxes are placed in wetland habitats like beaver ponds, where they will be most useful to ducks.  If you're interested in more details, please contact Jenn Lavigne at Ducks Unlimited Canada: (705) 721-4444.



(underlined text links to reviews)

September 22nd, 2020 - “Bats"- Dr. Christina Davy – Webinar at 7 p.m.

Bats have been long misunderstood and even feared, but research in recent decades has provided much insight into their mysterious lives and their role in the ecosystem. Bat populations have suffered significant population declines from White Nose Syndrome and from wind turbines. Christina will present on issues around bat conservation. Dr. Davy is a research scientist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and is also an adjunct professor at Trent University. Her varied research has involved genetic and behavioural responses of small and declining wildlife populations to environmental changes.  

Webinar Recording - Please click on this link to view the recording on our YouTube channel. (link to be accessible soon)

June 23rd, 2020 - 20 Years of Butterfly Counts - James Kamstra **Webinar** - Members Only Event

Butterfly counts involve groups of dedicated volunteers who spend an entire day in the field to seek out and count all the butterflies they encounter. After 20 consecutive years of these counts, much data has been assembled and some trends in butterfly populations have become apparent. James will highlight the observed changes in some species and describe how the counts have given us greater understanding of the local butterfly fauna.  James Kamstra is an ecologist who has coordinated two butterfly counts in Durham for the past 20 years. He is the Ontario Regional editor who compiles all of the provincial counts for the North American Butterfly Association.  

Webinar Recording - Please click on this link to view the recording on our YouTube channel.
2019 Talks 
2018 Talks


      (underlined text links to reviews)

Saturday October 3rd, 2020; 10:00 am – Autumn Forest and Fungi Walk at North Walker Woods - (2 hour duration)

It was a fresh autumn day, when the subterranean strands of fungal mycelium sent their spore-producing mushrooms to the surface to impress the humans.  Taking advantage of this opportunity James Kamstra led a hike into the rich forest at North Walker Woods followed by 13 participants eager to learn what they could about these strange life forms.  Many species were encountered ranging from the diminutive conical Mycenas, various Polypores, banded Turkeytails, smoking Puffballs, Aborted Entolomas and abundant delectable Honey Mushrooms.

2019 Walks 1
2019 Walks 2 
2018 Walks

Special Event -  Christmas Bird Counts 2019

Please see results in "Special Events" listing.

Butterfly Counts

Please see 2020 results in "Special Events" listing.

Sunday July 14th, 2019 – Oshawa Butterfly Count – James Kamstra 

Sunday July 7th, 2019 – Sunderland Butterfly Count – James Kamstra

The results are in for the two Butterfly Counts in Durham Region for 2019 which are shown on the table below.  The late spring butterflies emerged a week or two later and therefore some of the regulars were missed or in very low numbers on the Sunderland count.

The Oshawa Count was delayed by two weeks since I had to travel north with work.  This was a blessing since many of the later species are usually missed on this count such as hairstreaks and sedge skippers.  The 53 species was the second highest species recorded in the 25 years of this count!  The Hickory Hairstreak which I found near Utica was a new species for the count

Thank you so much to all the participants who came out to help find all these butterflies.

James Kamstra

Click on the following links for the results:  2019 Butterfly Count Results

June, 2019 - Beaver River Walk - Beaver River Wetland Rail Trail

6 club members joined Geoff as we hiked the rail trail through part of Beaver River Marsh. Lots of birds delighted us including American bittern, Green heron, Sora Marsh wren and Virginia rail.

On the way to the starting point we were treated to spectacular views of a pair of Sandhill cranes that took an unprecedented interest in some turkey vultures that were sitting in a field. At first we thought the vultures might be scavenging on a dead Crane because they were so close to each other but later Geoff entered the field with permission of the landowner and determined that there was no that crane there. Not sure why the vultures were there but it was certainly a happier ending than we anticipated!

June, 2019 - Bird Loop Walk - Uxbridge Countryside Preserve

Sixteen people participated in yesterday’s walk in gorgeous sunshine! Four NDN members including Kim & Anne Adams who helped with bird ID and anecdotes; many visitors from the GTA; and 4 ORTA members.

Bird activity was quiet however the bird houses guaranteed three species with good views. Indigo Bunting was a highlight! Ovenbird & Red Eyed Vireos demonstrated and their calls were heard by all a number of times. Green frogs, Grey Tree frog, Painted turtle were other sightings.

Thanks to Kim for explaining the Apps and Anne for spotting the Tree frog and other birds. Others added their own bird experiences making for an enjoyable morning.

Special Events

Saturday, March 17th, 2018 - Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre - Peterborough

Early Saturday morning, during March Break, 16 North Durham Nature membersand friends, met and carpooled together, on this excursion to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, organized by North Durham Nature.  Upon arrival, Wendy, an education leader at the centre, and a volunteer, gave an interactive presentation on the 8 different species of turtles in Ontario, what makes them unique, their at risk status, the threats they are facing and how we can help.  A volunteer brought several live turtles around for participants to see up close, and told us their rescue stories.  Paddy, a 35 year old snapping turtle, graciously let Wendy use him to demonstrate how to safely pick him up and transport him to the side of the road, in the direction he was going of course!  The turtle nursery was also a highlight.  A fun time had by all!


Friends of North Durham Nature

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Ontario Nature - North Durham Nature is a proud member of Ontario Nature, and is a part of its Nature Network (Lake Ontario North Region).

      Nature Network News - Latest Newsletter.  To subscribe to the Nature Network Newsletter please click on the Nature Network link above.

      Lake Ontario North Regional Meeting - October 28th, 2020 - Zoom Call - 7-9 p.m.- please stay tuned for further details.

      Stay Informed:

      Conservation Award Winners - Congratulations to NDN member and Newsletter Editor Geoff Carpentier who received the Carl Nunn Media and Conservation Award for his writing on conservation issues in books, magazine articles and nature columns.

Bird Studies Canada

Durham Region Field Naturalists

Pickering Field Naturalists

Scugog Lake Stewards

Butterflies of Ontario

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Thickson's Woods Land Trust:  Summer 2016 Newsletter

Conservation Authorities in our Area

Central Lake Ontario CLOCA

Lake Simcoe Region  LSRCA

Kawartha KCA

Toronto Region  TRCA

Wildlife Rescue

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge –

National Wildlife Centre –

Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre –

Event Archives - 2019


January - Members Night - Various NDN members

February - Flora and Fauna of Good Wood tract - Gavin Miller (TRCA)

March - Baffin Island Backpacking Trip - Jay and Bev Thibert

April - Mushrooms of Ontario - Patricia Burchell

May - Five-lined Skink Ecology - Josh Feltham

June – Cattail Research - Sarah Pieper

September - Uganda and Tanzania - Geoff Carpentier 

October – The Wonder of Wetlands - Cara Gregory

November - Lynx and Bobcat in Ontario - Dr. Jeff Bowman 


January:  Feeder Tour 2019 - Derek Connelly

February 2019:  Winter Wetland Snowshoe Adventure - Friends of Nonquon

March 2018 - Bird Photography - Stephen Wright

April - Amphibians - Friends of Nonquon

April - Forest Bathing - Patricia Baldwin

May - Frog Walk - Canoe Hike - Jay Thibert

May - Spring Wildflowers of the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve trails (two times) - Derek Connelly

May - Bird Hike - Derek Connelly

May - Birds and Wetland on Scugog Island - James Kamstra

June - Evening Marsh Birds at the Beaver River Wetland - Geoff Carpentier

June - Bird Loop Hike - Uxbridge Countryside Preserve - Derek Connelly

August - Native Plants - Derek Connelly

September - Hawk Watch in Cranberry Marsh - Geoff Carpentier

September - Trees - Patricia Baldwin

October - Mushroom Walk at Glen Major Forest - James Kamstra

October - Beaver River Wetland Hike - Cara Gregory

November - Lake Simcoe Waterfowl Outing - James Kamstra and Derek Connelly

November - Christmas Bird Count for Kids - Patricia Baldwin

Special Events

National Audubon/Bird Studies Canada official annual Bird Counts in North Durham

December 27th - Uxbridge Christmas Bird Count - Derek Connelly 

December 30th - Beaverton Christmas Bird Count - John Mclean