Uxbridge Community and Nature Club -Nest Boxes for Cavity Nesters

Lafarge and NDN - 48 boxes

  • monitored by volunteers at the seventh concession partially reclaimed gravel pit
  • A unique mouse proof box design was used and built by the late Paul Rothsfel
  • Lafarge agreed to a three year contract with NDN and donated $500 to the club in 2013
  • Future involvement with the land reclamation at Lafarge is desired

Uxbridge trails and  township cooperation

Countryside Preserve -30 boxes
  • Uxbridge Scouts built the first boxes in the Preserve
  • North Durham Nature assisted the scouts with monitoring and maintenance
  • Local residents volunteer to assist with monitoring annually
Town Trails 12 boxes
  • Quaker Commons school and now local residents monitor NDN boxes on Quaker trail and Museum grounds
  • Barton, Ewen, and O’Neil trails have pairs of boxes
If interested in getting involved contact Derek Connelly ndnature7@gmail.com


Invasive Plants - Scot Pine, Phragmites  and others

  • Annually thinning of Scot Pine by volunteers occurs in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve to maintain the meadow habitat
  • Phragmites ( Common reed)  education and some removal has been done in the past in Scugog and Uxbridge


Native Plants

  • Annual tours of members native plant gardens
  • Community planting in Countryside Preserve of native plants with 1st Uxbridge Scouts
  • Education of native plant garden planning continues members
  • Community tree planting with conservation authorities and town committees



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