Our Mission

To foster awareness and appreciation of nature through education, observation and experience.
To promote the protection and conservation of the environment through community activities.

What We Do

We provide educational opportunities and foster awareness of nature, particularly the flora and fauna, as well as earth sciences and astronomy.

We lead and facilitate field trips to learn and experience nature. We promote the protection of nature, biological diversity and sustainability within North Durham.

We carry out projects in co-operation with other community groups, to conserve and protect the environment within North Durham.

Next Meeting

January 25, 2022 - AGM and Members Night

Our Annual General Meeting will be followed by several short presentations by club members who will have the opportunity to share some of their photos and experiences on natural subjects.  In addition to local subjects, presentations will take us to some exotic locations from the Arctic to Florida to Africa, covering a range of subjects from bears and birds to insects.

To become a member for the new year, check out our Membership page.

Next Outing

Sunday January 30, 2022 - Photography Hike with Jay Thibert

Pre-registration is required.  Please email northdurhamnature2@gmail.com to register for this hike, and get details on location and COVID19 protocols. We will keep you posted on the status of this hike, given the situation with COVID19 at the time of the hike.  Our members' safety is our top priority.

Announcements and News

North Durham Nature Native Plant Seed Fundraiser

Our second annual plant seed fundraiser! Get your garden ready this year with some native species to decorate your yard and support our local pollinators.

$4/package (all funds to support NDN programming)

To receive an order form with list of species, contact Pat Baldwin at ndnseeds@gmail.com between February 1 and March 31, 2022

Please return your completed order form to ndnseeds@gmail.com
Please send etransfer to treasurerndn@gmail.com

Pat Baldwin will mail you your seeds!

Christmas Bird Counts

Between Christmas and New Year's, both of our North Durham Christmas Bird Counts were conducted. Here are some quick stats, and click the links below each for the full summary of species:

Uxbridge CBC
Date: Monday, December 27, 2021
# of species: 53
# field observers: 37
# feeder watchers: 32
Highlights: Wood Duck (new), Bufflehead (new), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Winter Wren,
Count Week: Merlin
Full Report

Beaverton CBC
Date: Thursday December 30, 2021
# of species: 58
# field observers: 25
# feeder watchers: 14
Highlights: Mute Swan (new), Tundra Swan, Peregrine Falcon, Winter Wren, Swamp Sparrow
Count Week: Greater Scaup, Long-tailed Duck, Iceland Gull, Glaucous Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Snowy Owl,
Full Report

NDN Advocacy

Keep an eye on our new Advocacy page to see local and regional petitions the club is supporting. Two current issues are:

1) Proposed Bridgebrook development in Uxbridge
2) Bird-Friendly Glass Legislation for the Province of Ontario

Check it out, and stay tuned for new items.

Lafarge Bird Box Cleanout

North Durham Nature met up with Lafarge's Eastern Canada land managers during our annual bird box cleanout at the Lafarge property south of Uxbridge. They came from as far as Montreal for a Toronto team meeting, and the Bird Box project was their field trip. They were keen to learn about the project (and birds) and helped clean out the 48 boxes in the Uxbridge gravel pit on the Seventh Concession. Our project is a one of a kind for Lafarge in Ontario. Our success over eight years with over 80% of our bird houses being used is also significant. Senior Land manager Chris Galway was positive and keen to work with us at keeping the project going and working with us at further restoration of the gravel pit.

NDN Member Receives DEAC Award

Congratulations to Keith Stait Gardner for habitat restoration on his property which resulted in the Dr. J. Murray Speirs Restoration Award!

This award is presented by the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee. The DEAC Environmental Achievement Awards is an annual awards program established in 2003 to recognize and acknowledge environmental achievements of individuals and organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors within Durham Region. The awards program has eight categories, which were named in memory of past environmental leaders.

Keith is one of our members who helped us with the "Mouseproof" metal Bird Box construction project donating his workshop space. Well done Keith!

Canadian Bat Box Project

Birds aren't the only thing that live on boxes! Karen Vanderwolf is leading a 3-year monitoring program in cooperation with Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Wildlife Conservation to monitor bat box usage across the country. To learn more or find out how to participate, check out the links below.

Program Overview
Building or Buying, and Installing a Bat Box
Project Newsletter

Scugog and Uxbridge TV - NDN Nature Nugget Videos

Mike Duhamel, a NDN resident and creator of both ScugogTV and Uxbridge TV, has offered to video record, edit and post short informative NDN nature videos to help us further share our passion for nature with the local community.  If you haven't seen our Nature Nugget videos click the link below, or look for a shared post on our own NDN Facebook page.  We welcome you to share our videos with others on your social media.

To see our recent videos, click here.

Conservation Award Winner

Congratulations to NDN member and Newsletter Editor Geoff Carpentier who received the Carl Nunn Media and Conservation Award for his writing on conservation issues in books, magazine articles and nature columns.

Community Action

NDN recently re-worded the Habitat Descriptive signs in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve, assisting the Uxbridge trails committee. For birders the "blue bird" photo is now correctly identified as an Indigo Bunting!  The township paid for the signs' facelift which were much needed after fading in the sun over twelve years. The renewed signs "Top of the Moraine, "Meadows" and "Woodland" also show the clubs butterfly logo indicating our involvement and support for Uxbridge trails!

To learn more about our other community projects, click here.

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