Our Mission

To foster awareness and appreciation of nature through education, observation and experience.
To promote the protection and conservation of the environment through community activities.

What We Do

We provide educational opportunities and foster awareness of nature, particularly the flora and fauna, as well as earth sciences and astronomy.

We lead and facilitate field trips to learn and experience nature. We promote the protection of nature, biological diversity and sustainability within North Durham.

We carry out projects in co-operation with other community groups, to conserve and protect the environment within North Durham.

Next Meeting

May 25, 2021 - Bats, the Canadian Bat Box Project, and White-nose Syndrome with Karen Vanderwolf - Webinar

Bats are amazing! But these animals, so critical to our environment and economy, are declining in Canada and abroad. Join bat expert, Karen Vanderwolf from Trent University who will teach us about the wonders of bats, and how their survival is threatened by a deadly fungal disease, White-nose Syndrome. Karen will also explain how the Canadian Bat Box Program is working to conserve bats so our night skies will remain full of these fascinating flying mammals.

Please register by e-mail at northdurhamnature@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.

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Announcements and News

Canadian Bat Box Project

Birds aren't the only thing that live on boxes! Karen Vanderwolf is leading a 3-year monitoring program in cooperation with Canadian Wildlife Federation and the Wildlife Conservation to monitor bat box usage across the country. To learn more or find out how to participate, check out the links below.

Program Overview
Building or Buying, and Installing a Bat Box
Project Newsletter

Spring 2021 Backyard Birding Challenge

Spring Migration has arrived and Covid-19 is still with us limiting our ability to bird at the best time of year! As a result North Durham Nature will hold the Spring 2021 Backyard Birding Challenge. Identify and keep track of all the bird species by sight or sound from within the limits of your own yard from April 1 to May 31, and submit your list (and top 3 photos, for the photographers) to James Kamstra at the end of the challenge.

For full rules and details, click here.

Native Plant Seed Fundraiser
Create habitat for wildlife in your own backyard

Please consider supporting the club and nature as well by buying and growing some native plants in your yard this summer.  All the pollinators and seed eating birds will thank you!  Creating habitat for wildlife in your own garden is an easy and direct way that you can make a difference!

To learn more, click here.

Scugog and Uxbridge TV - NDN Nature Nugget Videos

Mike Duhamel, a NDN resident and creator of both ScugogTV and Uxbridge TV, has offered to video record, edit and post short informative NDN nature videos to help us further share our passion for nature with the local community.  If you haven't seen our Nature Nugget videos click the link below, or look for a shared post on our own NDN Facebook page.  We welcome you to share our videos with others on your social media.

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Conservation Award Winner

Congratulations to NDN member and Newsletter Editor Geoff Carpentier who received the Carl Nunn Media and Conservation Award for his writing on conservation issues in books, magazine articles and nature columns.

Community Action

NDN recently re-worded the Habitat Descriptive signs in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve, assisting the Uxbridge trails committee. For birders the "blue bird" photo is now correctly identified as an Indigo Bunting!  The township paid for the signs' facelift which were much needed after fading in the sun over twelve years. The renewed signs "Top of the Moraine, "Meadows" and "Woodland" also show the clubs butterfly logo indicating our involvement and support for Uxbridge trails!

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