Below are advocacy issues supported by North Durham Nature


Baldwin East Aerodome in Georgina
Petition deadline is March 13, 2023

The Baldwin East aerodrome has been approved by Transport Canada and the Minister of Transportation to be built in the Town of Georgina on Old Homestead Road.  Despite being built on provincially significant wetlands, a groundwater recharge area, and highly-vulnerable aquifers and woodlands, the aerodrome has been designed to specifically avoid a required assessment by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.  There have been numerous instances of corporations using the pretense of building an aerodrome under federal jurisdiction to lucratively dump fill without scrutiny by municipal and provincial authorities.  Previous community petitioning has helped bring similar aerodome activities on Lakeridge Road and in Greenbank into question.

If you are concerned, here is the link to sign the petition:  Baldwin East Aerodome Petition

Envision Durham Interactive Map - Development Planning for 2051

Durham Region is updating their Official Plan to inform planning decisions for the year 2051, by which time the population of the Region is projected to grow by almost 50%. This involves defining the areas of proposed developmental expansion as well as refining the current Natural Heritage System.

We are being provided with an opportunity to comment on this map to identify natural areas perhaps not considered or to reinforce important areas that have already been included.  There are two ways to respond:

  1. Interactive map  to add pins to natural areas that may not currently be included in the NHS
  2. PDF map for review, and comments can be submitted by email to

See the Envision Durham Website for more information:

Stop the Sprawl Uxbridge

The Bridgebrook development proposes a 588-unit subdivision on agricultural land in Uxbridge north of Quaker Village, between Centre Road and Concession 6. This would require the rezoning of the area from Future Residential Area to Residential Area in the Township's Official Plan. The development involves the removal of some edge woodland containing Butternut trees, and would increase the load on the town's water treatment capacity as well as schools and other infrastructure.

For more information about the proposed development and potential impacts, see the Environmental Impact Study on the Town of Uxbridge website.

The petition has now closed, but can be viewed here:Stop the Sprawl Uxbridge

Letter to Durham Region from North Durham Nature - Lands at 7370 Centre Road, Uxbridge


Bird-safe Building Standards Rally - Queen's Park Tuesday November 15, 2022 - 11:30am (change of date)

You are probably aware that millions of birds die each year from striking the windows of buildings and the problem is getting worse as more and more buildings are being constructed. While the City of Toronto has a regulation that requires new buildings to have windows that discourage birds from flying into them, other municipalities do not. MPP Chris Glover of Toronto is trying to make these standards province wide. You are encouraged to participate in a rally at Queen's Park on Tuesday November 8 to support this endeavour.

Date: November 15, 2022 (changed from Nov 9 previously)
Press Conference: 9am in media room at Queen's Park
Rally: 11:30 am on the Queen's Park legislative grounds

Here are some links with more information:

Facebook:  MPP Chris Glover Fighting to Protect Migratory Birds



Letter to Party Leaders for June 2022 Election

North Durham Nature has signed a letter to the four Ontario party leaders urging them to include action on the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss in their upcoming platforms.

You can read the letter here.

Response to Proposed Greenbelt Plan Expansion Amendment

North Durham Nature has signed a response to the proposed expansion of the Greenbelt Plan outlining its shortcomings, minimalist approach and very narrow scope. The letter highlighting the misleading picture this "expansion" creates when put into practice, and provides a list of meaningful areas of expansion which would work to strengthen the Greenbelt.

You can read the letter here.

Prince Edward County South Shore Conservation Reserve

Legislation has been proposed for the creation of a new conservation reserve on the south shore of Prince Edward County including Ostrander Point Crown Land Block and Point Petre Provincial Wildlife Area. These two areas provide habitats of rare plants and species at risk wildlife, and well as vital stopover habitat for migrant species.

North Durham Nature has signed the following letter in support of this legislation Ontario's Building Code Amendment Letter

More information about the reserve from the South Shore Joint Initiative (SSJI)

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