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Stop the Sprawl Uxbridge

The Bridgebrook development proposes a 588-unit subdivision on agricultural land in Uxbridge north of Quaker Village, between Centre Road and Concession 6. This would require the rezoning of the area from Future Residential Area to Residential Area in the Township's Official Plan. The development involves the removal of some edge woodland containing Butternut trees, and would increase the load on the town's water treatment capacity as well as schools and other infrastructure.

For more information about the proposed development and potential impacts, see the Environmental Impact Study on the Town of Uxbridge website.

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Letter to Durham Region from North Durham Nature - Lands at 7370 Centre Road, Uxbridge


Bird-Friendly Glass Legislation

BREAKING NEWS!  FLAP Canada is thrilled to report that Chris Glover, Ontario MPP for Spadina-Fort York, has just introduced the following motion to the Legislature:

That in the opinion of the House, the Ontario Government should protect migratory birds and Ontario’s biosphere by mandating the 2019 Canadian Standards Association Bird-Friendly Design Standard for all new construction in the province. 

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