Community Projects

Uxbridge Community Nest Box Program

We coordinate the maintenance and monitoring of nest boxes in open areas around the community, providing homes for cavity nesting birds such as Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. Below are the areas covered by the project:

Lafarge and NDN - 48 boxes
  • Monitored by volunteers at the Seventh Concession partially reclaimed gravel pit
  • A unique mouse proof box design was used and built by the late Paul Rothsfel
  • Future involvement with the land reclamation at Lafarge is desired
Uxbridge Trails and Township Cooperation
Countryside Preserve - 30 boxes
  • Uxbridge Scouts built the first boxes in the Preserve
  • North Durham Nature assisted the scouts with monitoring and maintenance
  • Local residents volunteer to assist with monitoring annually
Town Trails - 12 boxes
  • Quaker Commons school and now local residents monitor NDN boxes on Quaker trail and Museum grounds
  • Barton, Ewen, and O’Neil trails have pairs of boxes each

If interested in getting involved contact Derek Connelly at

Invasive Plants Management

  • Annually thinning of Scot Pine by volunteers occurs in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve to maintain the meadow habitat
  • Phragmites (Common Reed) education and some removal has been done in the past in Scugog and Uxbridge

Native Plants

  • Annual tours of members native plant garden
  • Community plantings in Countryside Preserve with 1st Uxbridge Scouts
  • Education of native plant garden planning continues among club members
  • Community tree planting with conservation authorities and town committees

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