Spring 2021 Backyard Birding Challenge

Spring Migration has arrived and Covid-19 is still with us limiting our ability to bird at the best time of year!

As a result North Durham Nature will hold the Spring 2021 Backyard Birding Challenge.  Here are the rules:

  1. Identify and keep track of all the bird species by sight or sound from within the limits of your own yard from April 1 to May 31.  For those with a small yard, you can also use the surrounding properties or some nearby park.
  2. Use attached form to keep track by placing a number “1” in the respective cell for the appropriate species and month.
  3. You can also keep track of the mammals in your yard if you wish.
  4. Since Geoff Carpentier is clearly in a league of his own, he will be given a handicap.  He needs 1.5 species for anyone else’s 1 species.  
  5. At the end of May (Note that this year there is only one challenge for the two months) send your list of species to James Kamstra at james.kamstra@aecom.com
  6. Photographers are encouraged to submit their 3 best photos of a bird or mammal taken in their yard during this period.  Photos will be posted on our NDN Facebook page.

I will compile a spreadsheet with all contributions received from North Durham.  Watch for the new migrants as they arrive over the coming weeks.

Please send an email to James Kamstra (james.kamstra@aecom.com) to express your interest in participating.

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